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Residential Fencing West Chiltington

WW Fencing’s fence installation expertise and proficiency underpin our understanding of the unique requirements of West Chiltington, allowing us to deliver fencing solutions that showcase our exceptional craftsmanship and quality.


Our Services

Residential Fencing

Discover the endless possibilities of residential fencing installations, and transform your garden into a private haven. Our panels are expertly crafted using high-quality materials to provide durability and long-lasting style.

Closeboard Fencing

Alternatively known as feather edge fencing, closeboard fencing is a robust and durable option chosen due to its incredible reliability and versatility. Closeboard fencing provides privacy, while also protecting your garden against the elements.

Chestnut Fencing

Chestnut fencing aligns with eco-friendly principles. This wood type is sourced from sustainably managed forests, so you can rest assured that your fence installation will have minimal impact on the environment.

Panel Fencing

For a standard installation, our panel fencing solutions are straightforward and relatively quick to install providing minimal disruption to your property. You can enjoy the benefits of a secure, attractive fence which is fully customisable to your specific requirements.


WW Fencing in West Chiltington is the trusted choice for securing residential properties with a diverse range of gate options. From bespoke wooden gates to robust iron gates and even automated gates, our skilled team ensures a seamless and precise gate installation.

Our fencing solutions are engineered to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting security and protection for you and your property.

Embrace the uniqueness of your home and tailor your fencing with our customisation options, allowing you to match your fence and gate to your style and preferences easily.

WW Fencing pays incredible attention to every detail of your boundary fence installation, and it’s this commitment to detail which ensures your fencing not only serves its purpose but becomes a statement piece of your property. Get in touch with WW Fencing today to discuss your home and garden fencing needs.

Let’s Build Your Dream Fence Together

Your search for a reliable fencing contractor in West Sussex ends here. Let us bring your fencing dreams to life. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how WW Fencing can elevate the security and aesthetics of your property. Welcome to a world of fences built on trust, quality, and excellence.